ContrataTM is a DNA Familial Search system developed in a partnership between the Denver Crime Lab and DRC Computer. The Denver Crime Lab is recognized worldwide as a leader in DNA familial search techniques including a comprehensive search system. DRC have enhanced this system significantly expanding the possible search range with sub-second response time. DRC has further added the Security First SecureParser technology to provide highly secure communications and storage of suspect and enrolled DNA profiles.


Familial DNA searching is a valuable investigative tool used in the United States and the United Kingdom to derive forensic DNA-based intelligence to assist in criminal investigations. It has the potential to significantly leverage DNA profiles in terrorist databases to detect siblings and parent-child relatives. DNA samples recovered the battlefield can be searched against DNA databases with known and unknown source profiles allowing derivation of probabilistic reconstruction of familial pedigrees and possible identification of unknown subjects.


Contrata is a state of the art DNA familial search system. The system allows millions of comparisons between DNA profiles , resulting in familial or exact matches to be derived in seconds over an encrypted and secure data environment. This system can be deployed over the internet within a secure environment.
Users can perform one to one searches, one to many, or many to many searches within seconds. One million searches can be completed in less than one second. The system can be configured to derive DNA marker allele frequency data effectively tuning the system to any target population. Graphical outputs are customizable for rapid evaluation or large amounts of data.

Standards Compliant.

Profiles to be searched can be exported from CODIS or other known DNA profile formats and uploaded to the system using interpol or CMF3.2 XML format.

Very Low Latency

Incoming DNA profiles can be analyzed in real-time with subsecond response times.

Massive Scalability

Contrata analyzers scale to enable millions of searches to be conducted simultaneously.

Ultra-low energy consumption

Each Contrata server with 4 DNA search engines requires less than 400 watts of power.

User Friendly

Web style interface with intuitive navigation means short learning curve and ease of use.

Cloud Ready

Contrata analyzers can be cloud based.


Contrata includes the Security First SecureParser technology providing highly secure transmission and storage of DNA profiles.


Collaboration and Support from the Denver District Attorney's office, the National Institute of Justice and the National Forensic Science and Technology Center.

The Denver Crime Lab

The lab is a recognized leader in forensic science and has established a reputation for its innovative approach to DNA Familial Search. The lab has been awarded several prestigious grants from the National Institute of Justice.

Search Customization:

Choose between traditional likelihood ratio calculations or Expected Match Ratio/Expected Kinship Ratio-EMR/EKR.

Derive allele frequencies from offender/regional populations.

Select marker allele frequencies based on a specific region or potential suspect information.

Change result threshold values to reduce false positive results.

Supports all PCR Loci available in commercial kits.