The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is a mathematical method widely used in signal processing in sonic, spectral and imaging analysis applications. It is applied in a wide variety of applications including biomedical engineering, mechanical analysis, analysis of stock market data, geophysical analysis, and conventional radar communications field. An FFT is an optimized version of a DFT (discrete Fourier Transform) used to transform data from the time-domain to the frequency-domain.

This FFT Accelerator runs on DRC's AcceliumTM Coprocessor and is made available to software applications through a standard API call mechanism. The current version 1D FFT can perform FFTs of lengths: 4, 16, 64, 256 and 1024. Future versions are planned that will extend the length and support to 2D implementations.

The DRC FFT Accelerator enables immediate use of the per-coded and proven implementation versus taking 6 months to develop the routine. The cost savings and time to market advantages to your organization can be substantial.

The 1K 1D FFT Accelerator is based on a Radix-4, Decimation-In-Time algorithm.
It consists of six major components:

In Buffer

Omega Table

Radix-4 Dragonfly

Partial Results Buffer

Out Buffer

The FFT is defined by the formula:

Where k is an integer ranging from 0 to N-1


The FFT Accelerator runs on AcceliumTM Coprocessor models AC2020 and AC2030.

Ordering Information:

Product ID: AS-FFT-001D