DRC Computer Corp., a privately held US technology company, specializes in application acceleration significantly reducing cost and energy footprint, and dramatically improving time to actionable intelligence.

DRC Computer Corporation (DRC) builds and markets accelerated applications based on advanced reconfigurable coprocessors using the latest FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). The DRC coprocessors are coded to run complex analytics and routines orders of magnitude faster than the same routines execute in to software on an x86 processor.

All DRC's engineering is conducted in Silicon Valley by US citizens. And all DRC products are manufactured in Silicon Valley. DRC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Security First Corp., a privately held US company and emerging leader in data assurance technology.

With over 100 users worldwide the DRC coprocessors are utilized in a wide variety of applications including dig data indexing and analytics, image processing, cryptography, data security, financial analysis and numerous fundamental research projects. Customers include AFIT, AFRL, General Dynamics, Los Alamos, Northrop Grumman, Oak Ridge National Lab, SAIC, intelligence agencies, and many universities.

The DRC AcceliumTM product line, now in its 4th generation, is unique with 7 patents granted and 7 patent applications in process. In particular the seamless integration of the coprocessor with the CPU both at the hardware level as well as in software enables rapid development of the technology.

The combination of ultra-high performance, very low energy usage (typically less than 25 watts) and minimal space requirements makes the DRC coprocessors ideal for many national security applications. The technology produces actionable intelligence much faster (often 100x and more), and at a significantly lower cost and energy footprint (95%+ lower) than traditional computer technologies. And it can be used in severely constrained environments like UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - drones) and ground combat vehicles.

DRC technology is highly scalable - recently announcing a world performance record in bioinformatics achieving 9.4 trillion cell updates per second using the Smith-Waterman technique. And at a price/performance 5 times better than previous records.

The DRC Difference

With over 200 man-years of experience in developing reconfigurable solutions DRC has a unique talents in the integration of accelerators into applications.

In an accelerated application environments the key to success is ensuring that the accelerated routines are seamlessly integrated into the mainstream application. This is achieved with the DRC MilanoTM environment. This provides a hardware operating system on the coprocessor and then driver and interfaces on the CPU. This layer ensures that application developers can migrate compute intensive routines from software in to the DRC coprocessor without having to make source code changes in the main application. This ability to provide a seamless switch from a software to a hardware subroutine only comes with substantial systems experience.

DRC Complete Services

In addition to providing accelerators DRC also delivers a complete design and implementation service for those customers who require assistance with their application development. DRC applications include predictive analytics, data security, image processing, genomics and financial services applications.

In many cases DRC engineers are used to supplement internal resources or as senior consultants to assist with design and performance optimization.

DRC RPUs - Innovation leadership

The DRC coprocessors are are RPUs (Reconfigurable Processing Units). Reconfigurable because the routines that execute on the coprocessor can be changed within milliseconds. This enables application developers to run pipelined processes on a single DRC RPU simply by changing the routines for each step in the pipeline in real time.

DRC leadership

The DRC Management team has substantial industry experience developing innovative technology products and companies at organizations including the US Navy, IBM, Tandem as well as a number of start-ups.

Roy Graham, President

Roy builds profitable revenue streams for emerging technologies including data analytics, communications, servers, human identification systems and hybrid applications. At Digital and Tandem Roy ran Product Management groups delivering > $10B in new revenue. Then he was SVP S&M at Wyse ($250M turnaround), and at Be (IPO) and CEO at 2 early stage web-based companies.

Jim Holl, Director of Engineering

Jim has 15 years of experience developing advanced FPGA and ASIC based products in a wide range of fields including analytics, cellular networks, video processing, and ATE. He also spent 7 years in the development of DSP algorithms and almost 15 years in mixed signal design and analog instrumentation. He holds Master and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UC Davis. He was a Senior Engineer at Signal Science, Intrinsix, Modulus Video, Credence, Baker Hughes MWD, and Light Control Instruments.

John Wright, Director of Finance

John has over 20 years experience as a VP of Finance and CFO. He was CFO of IPMobileNet where he helped raise $11M. He held senior financial positions with HomeSpace, United Power and Control Data. He has participated in raising over $60M of venture financing.


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5 Jan 2017

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9 Nov 2015

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29 Sept 2014

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